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Our resource centre includes: relevant weblinks, HHM/GALS documents, documents produced under the Empower@scale project and documents shared by platform community members.

Gender Justice Review – instruction video’s GALS

These are 4 videos on participatory quantification in the Gender Action Learning System (GALS). Giselle Mukabarisa from BAIR in Rwanda explains and draws the main tools that participants can use to assess the changes in gender relations and livelihoods in their families, and quantify these at group level. It is part of the “Gender Justice Review” (see “Rocky Road to Diamond Dreams” manual) to take stock of changes, dive deeper into gender issues and make better future plans towards gender equality and improved livelihoods.

  • The first video presents the Multilane Highway tool as a framework for aggregating information.
  • The second video explains how to use the top lane to assess livelihoods changes (from vision journeys of participants).
  • The third video explains how to aggregate changes in gender relations at the household level in the second lane.
  • The fourth video explains how how to aggregate changes in the wider environment in the third lane.
Multilane Highway Framework – how to use as a tool for aggregation
First lane: aggregating information on changes in livelihoods (from vision journeys)
Second lane: aggregate changes in gender relations at household level (from happy family or gender balance trees)
Third lane: quantifying changes in the wider environment and peer replication (from social empowerment maps)


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