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Our resource centre includes: relevant weblinks, HHM/GALS documents, documents produced under the Empower@scale project and documents shared by platform community members.

Examples how people in Western Uganda use GALS tools

This is a series of video’s that can give you a deeper understanding of how participants in Western Uganda have used and adapted the GALS tools for their own situation. Unique about these video’s is that you see people explaining in detail what the meaning is of the drawings they made. You hear them speaking in their own language, with someone at the background translating. Some of these take some patience to watch, which is really worth it if you want to have a deeper understanding of the way people use the tools. The tools included in this series are:

  • The multilane highway used by individuals
  • The multilane highway used at collective level
  • Decision diamond
  • Leadership empowerment map
Masika Elizabeth’s individual Multilane highway. Masika Elizabeth, aged 16, from New Home Network in Western Uganda presents her plan for raising money, addressing gender issues in her family and community so that she can achieve her ambition to become a nurse. Masika Elizabeth then helped her father to do to his own Road journey change his life as well.
John’s Multilane Highway. Masika Elizabeth whose road is presented in video 1 taught her father John how to do his own Multilane Highway Plan for achieving his vision for getting out of poverty and having better relations in his household and community. This in turn helped Elizabeth to achieve her own vision as her family was now in harmony and money previously spent on alcohol could now pay for food and school fees.
Decision Diamond. Jane Walina from Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union, Uganda presents a GALS Diamond showing the changes in decision making in the household.
Collective Multilane Highway – New Home Network Uganda. In this unique video, members of New Home Network in Uganda show how they use the MLH tool to aggregate their individual visions for the future. You see people taking turns in front to draw parts of their own individual vision journey (from their GALS diaries), so they can see similarities and differences and needs for collective action.
Rosemary’s Leadership Empowerment Map. She used this tool to identify who are important in her life and her emotional, financial and power relationships with these people. And in the end what she wants to change in these relationships.


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