The Empower@scale project

The Empower@scale project aims to contribute to gender equality and sustainable livelihoods for rural women, men and youth who live in poverty and in marginalised situations. Empower@scale promotes the use of “Household Methodologies” (HHM) in development projects to position them as the drivers of their own development and promote gender equality starting from within the household.

Oxfam, Hivos and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) join hands through the Empower@scale project to increase knowledge, skills and expertise among local, national, regional and global stakeholders to support, implement and upscale HHM in projects and programs. Empower@scale focuses primarily on the Gender Action Learning System (GALS) because of its comprehensiveness and track record within the Empower@scale Consortium (Oxfam, Hivos and partners). From 2018-2022 the Empower@scale project focuses on:

  • Developing “Empowerment Learning Communities” (ELCs) in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria as living examples of change and sources of knowledge and experience to learn from practice;
  • Linking those who design and implement projects with communities, groups and individuals who have real life experience with HHM through two Regional Hubs in Eastern and Western Africa;
  • Connecting expertise and experience with HHM around the world through a Global Platform;
  • Tailoring HHM approaches for easier integration into projects.

This is based on the understanding that GALS is best learned from “champions”: people in communities who use it for their own empowerment process, and through guided practice and reflection. The Empower@scale platform supports participants, facilitators, experts and supporters of development projects to integrate HHM in project design and implementation.

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