Empowerment Learning Centres (ELCs)

The most effective way to learn GALS is through a combination of guided experiences in the field in which professionals learn from community-level champions; experimentation in one’s own work environments; exchange and support visits for each step; hands-on guidance by experienced facilitators; and peer reviews. The Empower@scale project therefore invests in the development and piloting of “Empowerment Learning Centres” (ELCs) in rural areas in Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.

An ELC is a living example of how GALS is used in a community-based organization or group. ELCs are developed from existing local empowerment initiatives, and therefore take different shapes depending on the location and how the members organise themselves. Each ELC and each individual member adapted GALS to its own situation and context, and based on this experience they offer training, exposure and expertise on the GALS methodology.

The following ELCs are under development as part of the Empower@scale project:

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Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 groups