Online session on innovation

On 14th April 2022, an online session on GALS adaptations and innovations was organised by the Empower@Scale project. The online session provided an opportunity to share the results of an innovation trajectory implemented in Uganda and adapting GALS to Youth as a target group and another one implemented in Nigeria adapting FALS to VSLA groups. Furthermore, an already existing adaptation and innovation of GALS to the topic of climate change implemented in Zimbabwe and captured under the Empower@Scale project was shared during the session. The online session was attended by IFAD-supported programmes, GALS facilitators and organisations interested in GALS.

Many questions were asked during the online session, and not all were answered. In this Q&A document you can find the answers from the Empower@scale team.

Here you can find links to the different documents, presentations and videos that were shared during the online session:
Facilitators guide – GALS and Youth; Facilitators guide – FALS in VSLAs; PPT GALS and Climate Change; PPT GALS and Youth – Preliminary steps; PPT GALS and Youth – Pilot; PPT FALS in VSLAs – Preliminary steps and pilot; Testimonies champions Nigeria; Testimonies champions Uganda

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great documents. Great because they are based on experiences on the ground, I trust that many in our network will find these very useful.